VIP Package

VIP Package


The VIP Package is designed specifically for the individual seeking a total transformation in every aspect of their life in order to achieve balance and harmony.  This package is a favorite for entrepreneurs looking to integrate their core personal values into their businesses, or who consistently take on too much leaving them feeling stuck, burnt out, and unable to focus on other important areas of their lives outside of work. 

We will work together to identify and cultivate your strengths while eliminating those patterns, beliefs or behaviors that no longer serve you.  Once you start seeing the forward momentum and positive changes occurring in your life, you will be inspired to act on new, empowering behaviors to achieve all of your goals.

Together we will construct a detailed plan of the changes you are seeking to implement into your life.  During the course of our sessions, you will receive emotional support, guidance, follow-up emails or phone calls to check-in on your progress between sessions, and periodic exercises designed specifically for you to assist you in your personal discovery and growth.  We will work on a variety of techniques to help you minimize your daily stresses while maximizing your energy, productivity, and  overall quality of life.

The package includes 24 50-minute sessions, unlimited email access in between sessions, and the added benefit of phone, FaceTime or Skype calls between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 9:00 p.m. for important issues that arise throughout our long-term partnership. 

Due to the nature of this elite package, I am only able to support up to four VIP clients per year.  If you are interested in joining me as a VIP client, please contact me for availability.

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