What is Laser Coaching?

Laser Coaching is a speed coaching process that takes place in 20-minute or less increments.  It's no frills, solutions-oriented coaching that helps you get to the core of a challenge or problem that you're facing within minutes.  No more driving to appointments or committing to lengthy coaching packages.  You leave the call feeling confident and optimistic because you have a plan to put into motion right away. 

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive as a result of Laser Coaching are:

1.  Elimination of Stress and Anxiety;

2.  Overcoming Fears and Other Blocks Quickly and Effortlessly;

3.  Building Your Confidence through Decision Making and Taking Action;

4.  Renewed Sense of Optimism;

5.  Creating a More Positive Mindset; and

6.  Achieving Balance in Various Areas of Your Life.

What's the Cost of Laser Coaching?

Unlimited Laser Coaching is just $400 per month. 

What does unlimited actually mean?  Plain and simple, unlimited coaching means you can set up as many monthly calls as you need (during office hours)  so long as you complete the necessary steps we discuss during our call BEFORE setting your next appointment. 

Coaching is a partnership.  My role as your Coach is to ensure that you reach your goals by following through with assignments and by holding you accountable.  If you're feeling stuck with an assignment, simply email me and we'll go through the steps together so that you can get moving again.

How Does Laser Coaching Work?

Before you sign-up, we'll jump on a discovery call to make sure we're a good fit for each other.  I currently only have three spots available for Laser Coaching for the month of July, and I want to make sure that, a) your current challenges are ones that I am able to help you with; b) that you're fully committed to the process of change and growth; and c) that you will take the necessary steps required to meet your challenges and reach your goals.

If we decide we're a good fit, you can set-up your first session online and I'll call you at the designed time.  After our call, you'll be provided with a brief summary of our call, including your assigned homework/exercise to complete, and a link to set up your next appointment. 

It's that simple.


Step 1.  Schedule a complimentary, no-obligation discovery session.  You can do that right here. 

Step 2.  Fill out the brief questionnaire when you schedule your appointment.  Before we hop on the phone, I'd like to know a bit about you and what you'd like to get out of coaching with me.

Step 3.  Submit your questionnaire and your appointment will be booked.

Step 4.  At the scheduled time of your discovery session, I'll call you.  We'll use this opportunity to make sure we're a perfect fit before you commit.

Step 5.  If you decide to work with me, click the link below to get started.

     Laser Coaching $400.00

   Laser Coaching $400.00

Laser Coaching is automatically billed each month.  If you decide to cancel your membership, simply send me an email before the end of the month and your automatic payments will end.