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Many of us spend our lives searching for love and happiness in one form or another. The problem with that is we are searching for something outside of ourselves that can only be found within. Sacred Wisdom of Healing offers a holistic approach to healing from the inside out. In this book, Kathy Dale offers practical tools and techniques for healing that are grounded in personal development, positive mindset, and energy work to help you tap into your own inner wisdom.

In this book you will learn how to:

1. Manage stress and overwhelm;
2. Overcome fear and anxiety;
3. Increase feelings of self-worth;
4. Boost self-confidence;
5. Move past feelings of hurt, anger and resentment;
6. Create a compelling vision of the future;
7. Experience more joy and happiness;
8. Find your unique path to healing, and much more!

Sacred Wisdom of Healing is a practical guide to creating your unique path to love, happiness, and healing through an in-depth process of self-discovery and the exploration of various modalities of energy healing.

While mindset plays an extremely important role in developing positive thoughts and beliefs about ourselves and what we are capable of, it's only part of the equation. From a mindset perspective, we can heal things that we are consciously aware of. From an energetic perspective, we can remove hidden blocks and heal things beyond our scope of awareness.

Regardless of where you are in life, you have an opportunity to make changes today that will allow you to create a wonderfully satisfying and happy life by understanding, accepting, trusting, and loving yourself more fully. You can overcome anxiety, fears, and blocks that have kept you safe but unsatisfied and stuck. You can experience deep layers of healing so that you can experience a life filled with more love and happiness.